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Improve your resume-to-interview strike rate

By Melissa Martin
The Age

Tailor your resume for each application to secure more interviews

These days, most people find work by searching the internet, sending application after application and hoping for the best. With this approach it's common to experience a low resume-to-interview strike rate.

With recruiters seeing many applications each day, it's surprising how often we have to question whether the applicant has read the job ad or why they have applied for the role in the first place. An advertisement lists what the employer or agency is seeking and only applicants who have the skills and experience outlined will be considered for an interview. If your credentials are not a high match with those in the ad, it's best not to apply for the role.

If the information isn't already in front of them, many recruiters don't have time to try to figure out what you can offer their client. To ensure your application is seen, tailor it to the role you're applying for: clearly focus your resume, articulating what you have to offer and your worth to the hiring business.

To increase your chances of securing an interview, it's far better to send two tailored applications than 10 general ones. If you take more time considering the appropriateness of the roles you're applying for, it will feel less like you are consistently hitting brick walls.

Job hunting requires persistence. You will experience more success in getting to the interview stage if you adopt a considered approach and apply only for roles where you can demonstrate the skills required.

Published: 31 May 2008

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