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Flip-reading opens up new avenues

By Stephen Lacey

Imagine turning up at a dinner party and being able to tell the other guests that you have just got a position as a ‘‘chief donkey shaver’’. Or even an ‘‘international scooter ambassador’’.  Not only will it break the ice, it will make you appear interesting, even if in fact you happen to be a tax assessor.

Your funky new job title is just one click away if you register online with My Career.

The Job Flip Generator is a tongue-in-cheek way of showing job seekers  there are a lot more employment options out there than they might have realised. ‘‘It’s a chance to look outside the box,’’ says a  Fairfax Media consumer marketing executive (and ‘‘district sultana consultant’’), Daniel Worthington.  ‘‘And when you’ve finished having a bit of fun with the Job Flip Generator, you can enter your particular skill set on the site.

You may find you are matched to a job out there you were never expecting.’’  Not only that, you might win the monthly prize of $5000 just for entering. That will leave you with plenty of cash to have your new ‘‘central friction sustainer’’ business cards printed.

There is also a weekly prize for sharing your job flip with a friend through social media. The more friends you share with, the greater the chance of winning.


Published: 06 October 2012

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