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Scam email: James Cason from Asset Management / Alliance Asset Management:

A fraudulent email is circulating from someone using the name James Cason that appears to be from MyCareer informing the recipient of an offer of employment from a company called either Asset Management or Alliance Asset Management. It may mention MyCareer but this email is fraudulent spam. It was not generated or endorsed by MyCareer nor have they gathered your name from our site: fraudulent parties are very adept at collecting and compiling databases of people's personal information to use it in such a way as this to make it seem as though their correspondence to you is legitimate. They have even created fake websites to make this scam seem legitimate, the addresses of which they may include in their emails. Please do not send applications or personal details in response to this email.



To enquire about a job listing or advertised position, please contact the company on the relevant job listing page.

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