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Average Australian Salary

Source: MyCareer job listings inclusive of wage. Figures may incorporate total pkg.

Best paying sectors

Sector Avg. Min Avg. Max Average
Average Australian Salary $81,849
1Accounting $46,855 $157,152 $84,721
2Admin/Office Support $31,675 $96,345 $54,073
3Automotive $31,476 $133,333 $60,492
4Banking & Financial Services $45,917 $188,225 $87,821
5Community, Sport & Leisure $36,358 $127,842 $65,859
6Construction, Building & Architecture $44,068 $183,529 $100,091
7Customer Service & Call Centre $36,458 $116,571 $54,037
8Education and Training $43,214 $138,524 $63,509
9Engineering $52,097 $212,193 $112,398
10Executive / Corporate Strategy $39,115 $262,301 $131,877
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Source: MyCareer job listings inclusive of wage from the last 90 days and updated weekly. Figures may incorporate total pkg. If there is insufficient data to show reliable max, min, avg then none are shown.

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